Finally A Good Idea

After being awake for 36 hours with only one hour of sleep, it was two in the morning before I finally fell asleep.  Three friends called to check on me last night after I got in bed and that gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.  Good to know that I was missed when I did not make it to church yesterday.  Got up about one this afternoon and prepared myself to greet the world.  Decided to spend the afternoon in the Jackson Parish Library and the plan was to leave when it closed and drive to church for the Women’s Bible Study tonight.

As I was walking toward the internet hookups in the library this afternoon with the laptop tote on one shoulder and a bag of books and purse on the other, it dawned on me that I have a carrier on wheels that I could use and save my arms and shoulders.  I bought the carrier to transport my sewing machine back in the days when I went to quilting events.  Well I no longer go anywhere that I want my sewing machine so a carrier for my laptop, purse, and anything else will be great.

When I left the library I sat down in my car and decided to call a friend to see exactly in which building the Bible study would be held.  I was somewhat surprised when I learned that the study for tonight was canceled because so many of the women are away on vacation. Since I was not in the mood to go back home at that time I took off for the Lincoln Parish Library for would have two hours to work there.  I decided to check out some audio books to listen to at night when I am trying to fall asleep.  They seem to work better than the Tylenol PM for lulling me to sleep.  I ended up with ten audio books and two movies and since the library was out of bags I put some in my purse and the rest in the laptop bag.  I was definitely wishing for the wheeled carrier.  When I got home from Ruston I was planning to look for the wheeled carrier but after carrying all the stuff into the house I was just too tired to look.  Will do that tomorrow.

When the library closed at eight I left and drove to Taco Bell for a quick and cheap supper and it is a good place to sit and read while I eat.

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