Stopped By A Tiny Switch

Yesterday I went to theRustonlibrary and took the laptop to work there.  I was in one of the study rooms and could not get the laptop to connect to the wireless internet.  Thoroughly disgusted, I went home and it would not connect at home either.  Kept getting an error message telling me there was no wireless near but the laptop was about two feet from the wireless router.  Being an optimist, I went back up to the library today and still could not get connected to the internet.  Two of the IT guys working at the library tried for quire a while and they could not get it to connect either.  One of the guys had his laptop in the room and it connected so there was wireless available.  He told me that it must be something in my computer.  I called Brian for help but he could not come tonight but he did tell me to ask Scott if there was something that I needed to click on or whatever.  I sent an email to Scott telling him my sad tale of woe and he sent back a one sentence email.  “You did make sure to check the switch on the front of the computer.”  To say that I felt like an absolute idiot is putting it mildly.  There is a very small switch on the front of the laptop just right of the center and in putting the laptop into my tote bag it managed to get turned to the off position.   You better believe that will be the first thing I check anytime I cannot get connected to wireless.

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