Two More Quilts Finished

In the mail today I received my check for working as a voting commissioner two weeks ago.  Took a little over a month to get the one for working in October.  I really do not like paying to have a check cashed but paying Walmart three dollars was less expensive than the gas would have been to drive to my bank in Ruston. Besides, it is only five miles round trip to the Jonesboro Walmart but about fifty miles round trip to Ruston.

Since I was in Walmart I looked for an aqua sweater like the red one that I bought to wear under a low necked black sweater.  Really wanted an aqua so I could wear my silver earrings with turquoise stones.  Now isn’t that silly?   But I really like aqua and black together, almost as much as red and black but not quite.

I knew that getting four quilts finished in one day was a fluke.  Today I only managed to complete two.

Santa and angels.  What more could a kid want?

Definitely colorful.  I hope that the child receiving this quilt is not afraid of kittens for the back is covered with kittens.

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  1. Deanna, you are such an inspiration!

    Quote | Posted December 12, 2011, 10:13 PM

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