Best Laid Plans

The plan for completing thirty-three quilts for the Christmas boxes at church seemed simple enough.  Originally I planned to start working on the quilts in September but other things kept coming up.  I decided that if I started on the first of November and make at least one quilt each day, except for Sunday, I would have them all completed by the twelfth of December.  Well it is now the fourteenth of November and only two quilts have been completed.  The fronts were quilted last year so I only had to quilt the backs, sew them together, and do the decorative stitching around the edges.  I think I delayed starting to work on the quilts for I kept thinking about the four that were completed years ago and also I had several tops quilted and only had to quilt the backs.  I just kept procrastinating thinking that I had plenty of time.  I better get to quilting or I will not get them all finished.

I bought this panel years ago and was going to make a very fancy wall hanging.  Needless to say that never happened so now it is the front of a quilt for a deserving child.

A quilt full of Santas for a little boy or girl.

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